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12 volt power; powered by an easy 12 volt system with a very simple connection
(see technical info)

Heated Clothing

heated clothingStay warm while you ride with heated vests, chaps, gloves, and jackets that connect to your motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV.

If you want heat to last buy 1st heat products because they are hot, tough,and durable. Minnesota is a harsh proving grounds, temps go to minus 30 below! We back our product 100% for incredible heat and durabilty.

All our heated clothing is shipped complete, ready for hook-up to your machine. When you order you'll be prompted to choose a lead type to come with your clothing. To view pictures of available leads, see leads.

We guarantee the electrical system for life, best in the business

Hot Pre-Spring Sale!
Buy 3 or more items and receive an additional 10% by calling and ask for promo (excluding Baclava).
Jacket Liners Vests Nylon Racer Vests  
12 volt hook up
Jacket Liners
12 volt hook up
Fleece Vests
12 volt hook up
Nylon Vests
Black - $198 $175
Colors - $219 $189
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Black - $147 $129
Colors - $169 $149
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$137 $119
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Chaps reflective Accessories  
12 volt hook up
battery powered "Safe Bright"
Illuminated Vests
$289 $279
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It's like having an electric blanket around your body!


I have ridden motorcycles for 35 years and am very satisfied with your product and your service. Never have I felt such a warm feeling and comfort,especially this time of year!!! Thank you very much, I highly recommend your product. Jean-Louis Hamiche


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